When you are looking for a new computer display, it is important to know what to look for in gaming monitors. What are the features that will make a difference in the quality of your graphics? What attributes are important to me? Here are what to look for in a new display for your gaming system:

Image Quality & Refresh Rate

This refers to the quality and smoothness of the image. The higher the pixel density, the better the image quality and the smoother the refresh rate. This goes hand-in-hand with the other features of a gaming monitor. No less than 160 pixels for the CRT monitor; this means smooth, sharp images.

Screen Size

This is a very important factor. Gaming monitors come in all different screen sizes. What to look for in a gaming monitor? Does it have an optimal screen size to ensure optimum viewing? If not, then look for another monitor that has an optimal sized screen for your graphics card and fast computer speed. Some gaming computers come with a dual screen option where one can use the gaming PC’s screens to view the computer while the other to display the video.

Pixels Per Degree

This is a measurement of how many pixels are emitted per inch. The higher the pixels per inch, the sharper and clearer the image. How much do you want your gaming experience to be? If you are looking for super sharp images, then a lower resolution in a monitor is ideal. Higher resolution in a monitor provides a more realistic game play.

Refresh Rate

Refreshing your displays is important when playing your games. Gaming monitors with refresh rates of over 90 frames per second are recommended. Many high-end displays come with their own oscillating features that help to refresh your screen’s refresh rate.

Contrast Ratio

This ratio is often measured in percentage values. Higher numbers always look better. A contrast ratio of 2.5 would be best for high end gaming monitors. You can also check out the reviews of these particular monitors if you wish to know more about them.

Response Time

This is how quickly a pixel glides across a screen. Gaming monitors that have fast response times will have the fastest gaming speeds. This means a faster response time. As response times increase, so does the image quality. A gaming monitor that has good response times will result in a very accurate and lifelike gaming experience.

Graphic Card

There are different types of cards that you can use with your Geforce Rift or Radeon RZ series of gaming monitors. The two most common cards are the integrated and then the discrete. An integrated card will connect right to your graphics card and the discrete card will connect via the motherboard. The integrated is generally better for those who like to use an inexpensive graphics card while the discrete will give you greater image quality without sacrificing on the performance and speed of your Rift or AMD RZ series.


Also known as High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI provides high resolution video transfer throughout your computer. You will need to connect your Rift to a computer with an HDMI port to get full benefits from this feature. However, not all monitors are capable of HDMI output. If you want this feature on your monitor, it is suggested that you purchase a Rift with one of the listed display ports. Display Port will output the highest resolution graphics for your Rift and it works very well with regards to refresh rates and resolutions.

Panel Type

This will affect the image quality of your monitor. There are three main types of flat panel monitors currently on the market. These are the vertical, horizontal and curved screen panels. Response times and other aspects will vary between these three types. If you would like to experience faster response times and better image quality in your Rift, then you should purchase a monitor that falls in the category of a curved screen panel.


Each unit of measurement refers to the number of pixels in a unit. The number of pixels per inch, referred to as PPI, is used to measure the resolution of a monitor. Higher resolution means a higher PPI. Higher PPI also means a clearer, sharper picture. There are however, many different numbers of pixels per inch on the market so it is best to first determine your actual needs before comparing monitor resolutions. There are also DPI measurements available which compare DPI to overall resolution.

Refresh Rate

This is how fast the image refreshes in response to your commands. Commonly, game titles will operate at a constant frame rate no matter what they are doing. However, many gaming monitors can be found that run at variable refresh rates which will cause the screen to flip over when a new game frame is presented. Some frames can take up to 7 seconds to load, while some will present a picture on the screen as fast as 60 frames per second.

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