If you are an avid gamer or have been thinking about becoming one, then chances are you’ve been hearing about a new high refresh rate gaming monitor. But do high refresh rates really improve gaming? How do they work and is a 144 Hz monitor right for you? These are all great questions that we want to answer here in this article so please bear with a bit of background information as we go through. There are many benefits of a faster refresh rate such as the ability to eliminate screen tearing, higher full HD resolution, and not being locked into a certain amount of refresh rate for longer gaming sessions.

Why is a 144 Hz monitor worth it for gaming?

(Answers: For certain Gamers, it is) Not to mention, the increase of FPS gaming means the need for a faster display. And, since a high refresh rate monitor helps to eliminate screen tearing, this can also provide you an edge in some gaming genres. The tearing effect is actually a problem for many computers but those using a 144hz monitor may find the effect to be lessened or even eliminated entirely. In fact, this can be an important factor when choosing a gaming computer; higher refresh rates generally run a lot more smoothly.

Do keep in mind, however, that most manufacturers do offer screens with higher refresh rates such as a G-Sync monitor. However, if your budget does not allow for a G-Sync monitor, you may still opt for a standard monitor with higher pixels per inch. Some of the higher priced models of these types of monitors have features such as built-in scalars, over- Refresh rates and screen burn-in reduction. These features can come in handy especially if you are a serious gamer and like to tweak your graphics card and CPU.

Quality and Specs

You should know that not all gaming monitors are provided with the same quality and specs. You may want to compare the features of several models before deciding which one to buy. You should also consider the difference in response time when choosing between a high and a low refresh rate panel for your gaming system. Some manufacturers also use liquid crystal displays (LICDs), which provide a smoother gaming experience with minimal stuttering and tearing. Some gaming monitors also use technologies that enable them to eliminate screen tearing and jittering.

As mentioned above, many gamers prefer a higher framerate. To determine the effects of a higher refresh rate on a typical gaming monitor, you should compare a few popular brands and models. The response time and motion detection technology may also affect your choice. If you are not sure what a 144 Hz monitor is, you can check out some specifications on the Internet. This will help you compare different models side by side.

A high refresh rate panel is more expensive than a normal one simply because it offers a greater level of definition and clarity. This type of image produces a clearer picture and a more vibrant sound. Choosing a high refresh rate can improve your game play considerably. The difference between a normal monitor and a high-end one is the quality of the image and gaming experience.

The difference between a normal monitor and a gaming one is the refresh rate of the monitor. Gaming monitors come with a much faster response time so that the gamers can enjoy the game more. Some high-end monitors come with a fast and stable refresh rate as well.

One factor that will greatly affect your decision on whether or not a graphic card is needed for gaming is the amount of RAM you need. There is no point in upgrading to a gaming PC when there’s just not enough RAM to go with it. A graphic card is only necessary if you’re playing 3D games or high-framerate video games. You need to buy an adequate amount of RAM for this. If you’re going to purchase RAM in bulk, look for the best deals on some of the best graphic cards on the market.

In Conclusion

It has been explained by many experts that with the increasing demands of gamers, they would be getting more demanding when it comes to the quality of the products they need. The FPS or also known as the frames per second is an important feature that most games will have in them. This is the standard frequency that most games would have, because it is essential for the game to work fine and also make sure that the players get to enjoy it. As we all know, there are different types of frequencies for most games.

The question “can a gaming monitor with a higher frequency than this be good for gaming?” would be answered with an absolute yes. In fact, it would be easier for the gamers to maintain their focus and they would not get easily distracted. If there are any sudden movements in the game, the movement of the screen can also be tracked by the monitor, so it would give better reaction times. This way, the gamers would be able to kill the time that they want and not worry about losing their concentration.

There would be no need for the gamer to adjust his/her PC settings, because the monitor would be picking up the necessary high frequencies from the system. When there are high frequencies, there will be less distortions on the audio-visual components of the game. This would be a great way to experience the great quality in visuals without getting bothered about the unnecessary high frequencies.

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