It is difficult to determine which is the best gaming monitor. It can be extremely difficult, especially if you are new to the world of PC gaming. In this article we will attempt to pinpoint the best gaming monitor for each specific gaming need.

Three Primary Types of Gaming Monitors

As with all computer hardware there are several different types of gaming monitors available on the market. The three primary types of gaming monitors are flat panel monitors, curved-screen monitors and LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor. Each type of gaming monitor has their pros and cons. Most people feel that a flat panel monitor is the best gaming monitor. Flat panels are thin and provide a high level of clarity. However, they consume more power than other types of gaming monitors.

Some of the biggest advantages of flat panel monitors is their ability to be portable. Because they are flat they do not add depth to the image. This means that you are able to place them on a desktop and not have to sacrifice any gaming space. This is one big advantage of having a flat panel monitor over a curved screen monitor. The only disadvantage is that these screens are heavier than normal LCD screens.

The curved screens are generally used by gamers who like to view large amounts of game information on the screen at one time. There are two types of curved monitors, an LCD monitor and an LED monitor. An LED monitor uses an electron beam to display the image on the screen. LCD monitor uses fluorescent lighting to light up the screen. These monitors do have a higher response time than normal LCD monitors but their picture quality is not as crisp as an LED monitor.

Flat Panels

Another great feature about flat panels is that they are very durable. The curved screens do break more easily than normal screens so they need to be replaced if cracked or damaged. Gaming mice and keyboards also require a special type of mouse, which is designed for use with flat panels. You can find special mice designed for gaming on the market for these monitors.

There are many factors to consider when deciding which is the best gaming monitor. Response time and image quality are usually the most important factors. If you are using a laptop then you may also want to consider if you want an adjustable stand as well. Laptop computers are not as popular as desktops, so you won’t find as many flat panel computer models. Gaming monitors are typically more popular though and the best gaming monitors generally have a lot of extra features.

When purchasing your monitor, you will also want to consider if you want to use an LCD or an LED monitor. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and it depends on what type of graphics card you are using as well as what games you are playing. Both types of monitors generally have a clearer picture though so if you are just looking for a gaming monitor then you may not care much which type of monitor you end up buying.

There are also many different price ranges available, so you can get a good deal on a good quality monitor. It helps to do some research online as there are many different brands and manufacturers. Some even offer free trials so you can see for yourself what features and benefits you get from each brand. Once you decide on a few different options then you can compare the prices to see which one best suits your budget.

In Summary

Whether you are just getting into PC gaming or have been playing for years, you will find that it is time for an upgrade to your current gaming monitor. Today’s technology allows for extremely crisp and clear visuals in all of your favorite PC games. For those who are interested in increasing their own productivity while still having the best graphics possible, a gaming monitor is a must-have. Here is a quick look at the three top options available to those looking for the best gaming monitors on the market today.

If you are looking for the best gaming monitor, you need to do your research properly before making your purchase. When you take the time to compare models side by side, you will be able to see the differences between the different gaming brands. There are many features available in gaming monitors these days, including the ability to customize your key inputs to better suit your gaming needs. The only way to know which one you will be comfortable with is to test them all.

The gaming monitor you decide on should also be equipped with some of the newest technologies available. Some of the most popular include screen burn-in and fast frame rates. If you are playing a game like World of Warcraft or another one that has a lot of action, you will find that a fast refresh rate is essential. These types of games can easily get a bit choppy if your framerate is not always smooth, so having one that is able to refresh at a high rate will save you a lot of frustration. Choosing a good monitor is important in ensuring that you get the most out of your gaming experience.

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